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3 Mihai Eminescu, block D4, stairs B, 37 ground floor


   There are 23 years since we inaugurated the new headquarters of the Psychological Clinic Institut Miron in Piatra Neamt.

   Almost 45 years I practiced being a psychologist in Israel where I met different cases - children, teenagers and adults; besides courses followed, I worked in several places, for every learning something, and participated in various national and international conferences, acquiring professional experience. In parallel with medical psychology that I practiced in my office in Israel, I had concerns on industrial psychology.

   In early '90 (after the revolution of '89) I came to visit places where my parents were born and I liked the people and this country. Therefore I decided to continue my professional activities in Romania and I chose the wonderful city Piatra Neamt.

   The beginning has not been proven to be easy! Suspicion, the difference of mentality between me and those who surrounded me were led to the emergence of the dispute, but, with time, those were attenuated. Now I can say that I am happy when crossing the street and I meet people I've helped when needed, and they now smile and feel good, they are the people who had the confidence and courage to use my help to take their healing.

   Our services were also requested by firms in Piatra Nemat. Together with the team of the Institute Miron's psychologists, we have given psychological assistance to company but also to every individual separately. Our clinic offers the following:

  • My rich experience in the fields of medical psychology and industrial psychology
  • Tests and extensive psychological examinations
  • Psychologists which was formed by me in the spirit of Western methods
  • A psychological well-equipped laboratory for working in the best conditions

   I hope that in future, I can help you in obtaining individual, group or company, as director, psychological progress.

Dr. Miron Itzhak

Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Miron combines several psychoterapy methods. He uses the most appropriate method for the patient and he doesn\'t choose the pacient according to the method.

Problems of adults treated:

  • panic attacks
  • phobia
  • neurosis
  • depressions
  • personality disorders
  • drug, alcohol, gaming addiction
  • psychotherapy methods for chronic diseases (to cancer)

Problems of children treated:

  • issues of intelligence, attention, adaptation to school
  • depressions
Group Psychotherapy

Organizes groups of 10-20 people with a common problem, at least once a week.

Research shows that use of group psychotherapy with individual psychotherapy leads to best results.

There are groups formed ad hoc without a precise number of meetings and groups with specific number of sessions.

Psycho-sexology and

Couple Psychotherapy

Dr. Miron deals psychosexual problems for both men and women.

Men problems treated:

  • erection, early ejaculation
  • sexual appetite
  • sexual identity (bisexualism, homosexualism)

Women problems treated:

  • painful penetration and vaginismus
  • psychosexual deviations (sadism, maschism, fetishism, exibitionism, incest)

Couples problems:

  • deception, jealousy
  • compatibility
  • lack of interest, monotony

Family problems:

  • role of each member (authority, discipline)
  • single-parent families
  • families after bereavement
  • disease of a family member.
Other services

Organizational Psychology

  • coaching and training for individuals and groups, for companies and factories

Transport Psychology

  • psychological tests for driving license

Industrial Psychology

  • psychological testing for employment and periodic

Sport Psychology

  • sport clubs
  • people to obtain better performancee
Online Psychotherapy

Psychology sessions can be scheduled, paid and made online. You need to install Skype(download), and add Dr. Miron (id: takimiron).

Payment can be done through Western Union or to one of the following bank accounts:

  •    RO16OTPV170000025189EU01 (for euros)
  •    RO59OTPV170000025189RO01 (for RON)

registered at OTPBANK Romania, Piatra Neamt office, swift code: otpv robu


in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Miron is the only psychologist in Neamt County with the right supervision in clinical psychology

(c) Copyright 2009 - 2019 Institut Miron

Profession Main Clinician Psychologist, right-supervisory
Industrial Psychology - specialist
Organizational Psychology specialist
Transport Psychology specialist
Sport Psychology
Personal Code As with the free practice code 00545 offered by College of Psychology in Romania - he is the only psychologist in Neamt County with the right supervision in clinical psychology. Psychologists who complete their studies can work as a psychologist with individual guidance authorized by the College of Psychologists as supervisory.
Cabinet Name Psychology Center Miron Institute
Address Str. Mihai Eminescu, Nr. 3, Bl. D4, Sc. C, Ap. 37, Parter, Piatra Neamt
Phone/Fax 0233 236146
0233 234426
0724 225214

License: 1975 ? 1980:

  • Criminology
  • Sociology
  • Antropology
  • Social support
  • Psychology
Bar-Ilan University? from Tel- Aviv, Israel

Master: 1980-1984:
in Human Science at ?Bar-Ilan? University from Tel-Aviv, Israel

Doctor: 1996-1999:
Faculty of Psychology Al. Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
Title of paper: "A Self-perception of the Minority In Israel?"

Postdoctorale: 2010-now:
Institute of Forensic Medicine Iasi - forensic psychiatric

From 2004 until today he graduatedSchool of Hypnotic and Eriksonian Psychotherapy in Iasi. Today he teaches at the same school. He is invited as a permanent professor at the Faculty of Psychology, Al. I. Cuza University.

Field of activity
  • Psychotherapy
    • individual children, teenager, adult
    • couples and family
    • group
  • Psychology
    • Industrial - psychological tests for employment
    • Transport - psychological tests for driving license - all categories
    • Sports
      • theoretical experience: more than 650 hours of university courses and workshops on the following topics: the methodology of sports research, psychological issues of high performance sportsmen, bio-feedback, etc.
      • work experience in Israel
        • 3 years as psychologist for youth football team of Macabi Petah-Tikva Sport Club
        • 2 years as psychologist of Ashdod City Football Club
        • psychologist of the tennis team of Israeli Tennis Federation
        • individual psychologist for children and adults which had problems and were recovered to the best performance
      • work experience in Romania
        • sports psychologist of FC Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt
        • sports psychologist of SC Cimentul Bicaz
        • sports psychotherapy for individuals or teams
        • participation in national and international congresses and conferences in sports psychology
    • Organizational - coatching, trainer, in individual and group for all kinds of companies and factories
  • As the supervisory
Problems treated
  • children and teenage: driven development, verification cognitive and emotional intelligence, discipline, emotional disorders, learning problems
  • adults: panic attacks, anxiety, depressions, problems of torque, etc..
Scientific activity Published scientific articles, teaching at the university, participation in international psychology congresses
Languages English, Romanian, Hebrew
  • 1975-1984: Trainee psychologist in working with children and teens in Israel - Infant psychology
  • 1983-1985: Trainee in a psychiatric hospital in Israel
  • 1985-1989: Psychologist officer in the Israeli army in the Department of Mental Health
  • 1990-1992: Psychologist at the Ministry of Health in Israel, Department of Mental Health, Psychotherapy with alcohol and drug addicts
  • 1993-1995: Head of Psychology Department at a City Hall in Israel
  • 1993-1999: psychological activity at his institute in Petah Tikva, specialized in children, teenagers and family issues
  • 1999-present: physiological activity at his institute in Piatra Neamt
  • 2014-present: Main clinical psychologist at psychiatry department of Municipal Hospital of Roman