Miron Institute offers the best quality / price ratio. We offer professional services at prices related to current economic conditions.

Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Miron combines several psychoterapy methods. He uses the most appropriate method for the patient and he doesn't choose the pacient according to the method.

Problems of adults treated:

  • panic attacks
  • phobia
  • neurosis
  • depressions
  • personality disorders
  • drug, alcohol, gaming addiction
  • psychotherapy methods for chronic diseases (to cancer)

Problems of children treated:

  • issues of intelligence, attention, adaptation to school
  • depressions

Group Psychotherapy

Organizes groups of 10-20 people with a common problem, at least once a week.

Research shows that use of group psychotherapy with individual psychotherapy leads to best results.

There are groups formed ad hoc without a precise number of meetings and groups with specific number of sessions.


Dr. Miron deals psychosexual problems for both men and women.

Men problems treated:

  • erection, early ejaculation
  • sexual appetite
  • sexual identity (bisexualism, homosexualism)

Women problems treated:

  • painful penetration and vaginismus
  • psychosexual deviations (sadism, maschism, fetishism, exibitionism, incest)

Couples or Family Psychotherapy

Couples problems:

  • deception, jealousy
  • compatibility
  • lack of interest, monotony

Family problems:

  • role of each member (authority, discipline)
  • single-parent families
  • families after bereavement
  • disease of a family member.

Supervision in clinical psychology

  • Dr. Miron is the only psychologist in Neamt County with the right supervision in clinical psychology

Organizational Psychology

  • coatching, trainer, in individual and group for all kinds of companies and factories

Transport Psychology

  • psychological tests for driving license

Industrial Psychology

  • psychological testing for employment and periodic

Sport Psychology

  • sport clubs
  • people to obtain better performancee