We are living in a world of online communication through which the geographical distances disappear. Today, we can hear and see each other even if we are separated by thousands of miles. And this can be done at incredible low prices. In this context, psychological treatment can be done online. Moreover, recent research shows that, in many cases, online psychotherapy is as good as face-to-face therapy. Thus, Miron Institute and dr. Itzhak Miron offers you online psychotherapy services through e-mail, chat and video-chat.

Psychology sessions can be scheduled, paid and made online.

Payment can be done through Western Union or to one of the following bank accounts:

  •    RO16OTPV170000025189EU01 (for euros)
  •    RO59OTPV170000025189RO01 (for RON)

registered at OTPBANK Romania, Piatra Neamt office, swift code: otpv robu

You need to install Skype download

Skype id is: takimiron

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