There are 23 years since we inaugurated the new headquarters of the Psychological Clinic Institut Miron in Piatra Neamt.

   Almost 45 years I practiced being a psychologist in Israel where I met different cases - children, teenagers and adults; besides courses followed, I worked in several places, for every learning something, and participated in various national and international conferences, acquiring professional experience.

   In parallel with medical psychology that I practiced in my office in Israel, I had concerns on industrial psychology.

   In early '90 (after the revolution of '89) I came to visit places where my parents were born and I liked the people and this country. Therefore I decided to continue my professional activities in Romania and I chose the wonderful city Piatra Neamt.

   The beginning has not been proven to be easy! Suspicion, the difference of mentality between me and those who surrounded me were led to the emergence of the dispute, but, with time, those were attenuated.

   Now I can say that I am happy when crossing the street and I meet people I've helped when needed, and they now smile and feel good, they are the people who had the confidence and courage to use my help to take their healing.

   Our services were also requested by firms in Piatra Nemat. Together with the team of the Institute Miron's psychologists, we have given psychological assistance to company but also to every individual separately.

   Our clinic offers the following:

  1. My rich experience in the fields of medical psychology and industrial psychology
  2. Tests and extensive psychological examinations
  3. Psychologists which was formed by me in the spirit of Western methods
  4. A psychological well-equipped laboratory for working in the best conditions

   I hope that in future, I can help you in obtaining individual, group or company, as director, psychological progress.

Dr. Miron Itzhak