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SEE Regional Conference of Psychology - Sofia, 2009

SEE Regional Conference of Psychology
Bulgarian Psychological Society

   On 30 and 31 October 2009, psychologist Dr. Itzhak Miron attended the Regional Congress of Psychology in Sofia, Bulgaria. This congress was attended by hundreds of people in over 40 countries. This congress has been dedicated to youth around the world, but they debated many other important topics. The activities were divided in areas such as clinical psychology, educational psychology and psycho-pedagogy, organizational psychology, etc.

   At this congress were 12 workshops. One of them was sustained by Dr. Itzhak Miron and Dr. Mihaela Irimia, with the title: "Every person as a story". At this workshop were 10 participants from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. Condition of participation was a minimum 3 years experience in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. It was shown that this requirement was important, each participant demonstrated a good knowledge and experience. Workshop was a success, having a duration of 4 hours (from 9 to 13 o'clock). Everyone wanted to continue the workshop but organizers have demanded the room for another event. Unfortunately, another organizational problem was the scheduling of important conferences at the same time as the workshops.

   Outside working hours, organizers, led by Dr. Plamen Dimitrov, offered a travel program in Sofia and its surroundings. In this way, many psychologists from around the world have changed many ideas and have built collaborative relationships.

   Finally, one might say that this conference was a success both in professionally and personally.

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Milton Erickson's Metaphorical Stories - used in the psychoterapy treatment

Soon, we will publish pictures from this congress!